Boyacá contributes 99% of the country’s emerald production

Trade alliances with countries such as China and India placed the Colombian emerald above its main competitors (Brazil and Zambia) in 2018, with exports exceeding $142 million dollars.

Of this figure, the bulk belongs to exports of cut emeralds (249,788 units for $122 million dollars), followed by rough stones (19 million), according to a statement by the National Federation of Emeralds of Colombia (Fedesmeraldas).

The department of Boyacá contributes 99% of the national production, with 1,332 current mining titles, being Maripí, San Pablo de Borbur and Muzo the three municipalities with the highest production rates in the country.

According to Fedesmeraldas, Colombian companies are precisely those that achieved the highest amount of exports in the world, these minerals being the ones that represented the highest economic value in the international market.

The good results of the industry have allowed the emerald sector in Colombia to contribute to growing social management in its areas of influence.

For this reason, Fedesmeraldas, together with a series of public and private entities, agreed to disburse 10,920 million pesos (about 3.5 million dollars) for the construction of a hospital in the municipality of Muzo.

The deadline set by both pairs is that the works begin at the end of this year.

“For two years, we have been managing this important initiative. It is a key investment for western Boyacá since it is a project through which private companies want to work for the well-being and quality of life of the residents, ” said the president of Fedesmeraldas, Óscar Baquero.

Finally, Baquero referred to “the new era” of the emerald industry in Colombia, a time in which the social benefit it has brought to collectors, producers and sellers has been demonstrated.

“We have increased and strengthened the associations of barequeros (traditional miners), miners and merchants; which allows reinforcing the institutional framework and the development of high-impact social actions that allow the country to look at us in a different way ”, he concluded.