Gold and Emeralds: These are the 11 projects that Colombia offered to investors

Investors from Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, France, Peru, Poland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Vietnam and Singapore participated in the fifth business conference of the ANM.

The American company MTC uses specialized geologists to chop the rock where the green gems can be embedded.

Mining will continue to be a strong sector in Colombia’s economy, despite the fact that many advocate diversifying and targeting other branches more. During the development of the virtual meeting, ‘Precious Metals and Gems Business Round-Table’ organized by the National Mining Agency (ANM), 11 mining projects were presented to more than 91 participants from 11 countries interested in Colombian minerals.

“The ANM Promotion Strategy seeks to identify and open market opportunities for the Colombian mining sector, where one of the main lines of action has to do with the realization of international business wheels to attract investments or potential buyers to mining projects in the country,” said Juan Miguel Durán Prieto, president of the National Mining Agency.

During the business conference, an important offer was presented with the main precious metals and gems projects in the country, after the event, 7 requests for 1-to-1 meetings between producers and potential customers were generated in a single day, to strengthen direct contact and promote possible commercial agreements.

The business wheels become a strategy of economic reactivation of the ANM, in this version, proposals of gold, silver and platinum were presented for precious metals and in emerald gems.

During the event, the projects of Otu- O2Gold, Mina Emanuel, Mina El Cairo, Proyecto Malacara, Mina Chede, Mina El Triunfo, Garimpa Project, Asomiva, Mina Paolas, Momotus Gold SAS, Mina El Bata and Mina La Coqueta were presented.

It should be noted that the projects presented to investors are in force in the National Mining Registry and comply with all the requirements established to carry out the exploration, construction and assembly and exploitation work, according to their contractual stage.

The ANM business wheels began in 2020 with the presentation of the thermal coal offer to customers in South Korea.

Subsequently, an event focused on gold projects was held, in which 5 holders participated who were looking for investors to advance their respective projects.

In the first half of 2021, two business meetings were held. One focused on the supply of Colombian thermal coal, in the face of the growing interest of potential buyers from the Asian market and the other of emeralds, taking into account that Colombia is currently the largest producer of high-quality emeralds in the world.

Interest figures

1.  With this event, the ANM completes 5 business wheels for Gold minerals, Coal (2) Emeralds, precious metals.
2.  40 Colombian mining bidders, projects or headlines have been presented at the business meetings.
3.  30 1-to-1 meetings have been brought forward and a participation of more than 32 potential investors and/or buyers has been registered.
4.  In the business wheels advanced, representatives of 20 countries have been involved, such as: Canada, Chile, France, the United States, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Mexico.

Award of degrees

The National Mining Agency also announced that, after complying with the legal requirements, it granted 15 new mining titles in Cesar.

The delivery of these titles took place a few weeks ago in development of the reactivation strategy of the sector that is projected with mining diversification and the increase of exploration and production for the country.

Of the titles awarded, 6 are on the scale of small mining and 9 on the medium mining scale. The titles are awarded for the exploration of copper, gold, coal and construction materials in the municipalities of San Diego, Valledupar, La Paz, Chiriguaná, El Paso, Agustín Codazzi and Becerrill.

Among the companies favored with the concession of the, new mining titles are, among others, Ladrillera Valledupar S.A.S, World Trading Colombia CI LTDA, Technipro S.A.S, Pavimentar S.A and C Inversiones S.A.S.