EMeraLd tRack


The logic for the wealthy to park and protect their wealth in rare earth minerals like gold, silver and precious gemstones has proven to be wise and has preserved fortunes in the worst of times and increased those fortunes in the best of times because the trend in value for those rare minerals and gemstones has maintained an upward trend century after century. Each has an impressive trajectory of increasing in value. A super star among them when it comes to steady appreciation in value, year after year, is the rare and precious Emerald gemstones from Colombia. The past 16 years (2003 through 2018) has seen the following  appreciation in emerald value as reported by the worldwide emerald market (ANM).


The past 16 years has seen a 185% increase in the market price of emeralds.** The mean average value appreciation per year rose 10.88% from 2003 to 2020.  Until now only a few wealth managers knew of this wealth preserving tool. That places emeralds ahead of gold, silver, diamonds, and virtually all rare-earth precious minerals. Even choice real estate rarely achieves this type of appreciation with less than 1% market saturation level (by population compared to the market saturation level of diamonds), emeralds have a vast potential for growth before they approach the same level of market share saturation as diamonds, gold, and silver. The fundamentals equate to far more indicators of continued growth of the worldwide emerald market than any indicators of a down turn in market price or demand.

Emerald Trade tracks the monthly and annual price movements in each grade category of emeralds. Specifically, we follow the primary grades of Commercial, Good, Fine, and Extra Fine, as well as Hue, Tone, and Saturation. Additionally, we collect every major report released in every emerald producing country. As a result, we remain attuned to the actual market price worldwide as well as the actual production and importation activities of every country where emeralds are mined, cut, bought, or sold.

Emerald Trade methods and procedures for identification, analyzing, recording, accumulating, and storing information about the activities of the emerald market, financial, and summary reports comes from different organizations.

For example:

The myriad of market data Emerald Trade obtains from other emerald companies such as Gemworld, allows investors to make an educated assumption on the direction of the emerald market. For instance, Fedesmeraldas, Asocoesmeral (Colombian Association Emerald Exporters), and ANM (National Mining Agency) has published data showing that the average appreciation of emeralds from Colombia year on year averaged 16%, which is 5.12% above the world average for the emeralds mined elsewhere.

PuRchasiNg EMeralds

From the mines of Colombia, ZAMBIA and brazil to the Bank in the U.S.

Emerald Trade uses its own capital and investor capital to purchase emeralds from reliable licensed miners and exporters based in Colombia, Zambia & Brazil where the rarest and highest quality emeralds on earth originate.

Emerald Trade obtains clearance documents from the government for each emerald verifying it was produced by a licensed mine and all required export fees have been paid.

Emerald Trade instructs the government to ship the emeralds to the United States together with the certification of the gemology laboratory that graded and certified the emerald.

Emerald Trade has each gem lab graded and certified and emerald valued and appraised by one of the most respected authorities in the country for official valuation determinations of emeralds.

Emerald Trade has the gem lab certified and appraised emeralds, together with the individual certificates and appraisals, transported by a bonded courier service to Miami, where they are placed in vaulted safekeeping.

Emerald Trade has the emeralds placed in vaults audited by an independent auditor and independent gemologist once each year.