Fabergé honors Zambian emeralds with a watch

It features the Lady Libertine I , a model that highlights the lush landscape of Zambia. The house is owned by the Gemfields mining group, which exploits the country’s emerald reserves.

The piece is mounted on an 18- carat pink gold case with a bezel set with small diamonds (1.84 cts) , and as a central element, a hand-carved rough emerald that represents the regions of the country stands out on its dial. outlined with yellow gold thread like rivers. The watch has been accompanied in its presentation of the exceptional 5,655 carats (around 1.1 kilograms) emerald that Gemfields found last November at the Kagem open pit mine.

The gem was baptized with the name Inkalamu , which means lion in the autochthonous language and was finally sold, a few weeks after its discovery, to the Indian jewelry firm Dia Color for an amount that was not disclosed.