Get to know the Emerald District of Bogotá, the new tourist option for 2023

With this initiative, the district seeks to articulate different agents involved in the precious stone economy and redefine their social value.

The Emerald district is an initiative that involves eight entrepreneurs related to the gemstone industry in Bogotá. It was born in 2021, as part of the “Citizen Causes” proposal, promoted by the district mayor’s office. It articulates both entrepreneurs in the mining sector, jewelry artisans and merchants, all of them agents who intervene in the value chains of precious stone.

Since 2022, the District Institute of Tourism (IDT) has sponsored this citizen initiative, promoting the articulation between the community and the relevant entities. The process has allowed the identification of spaces, itineraries, and narratives that have allowed the creation of a tourist tour around the emerald.

“For the process of recognition and validation of the tourist offer of the Emerald District, a route was made to which travel agencies, guides and tour operators were invited in order to be able to include it in their packages, providing new scenarios for tourists who will visit the town of La Candelaria.”

After multiple meetings, trainings and socializations, a tourist tour was created that was put to the test on November 11, 12, 18 and 19, 2022. This began at Fundesmeralda, the Espacio Blanco Gallery, La Mina Galería, Candelaria Contemporánea – Jewelers Asociados, Casa 3 – Arte Portable Galería, Emerald Trade Center, Taller Jesús Molina Bautista and ended at the International Museum of the Emerald.

According to the information provided by the Bogotá tourism agency, these previous tours have served to calibrate the failures, implement the recommendations of the attendees and be able to adjust the necessary details to offer this tourist guide permanently. Thus joining the routes available for Bogotans and visitors who want to know more about the brilliant world of la esmeralda.

Finally, the IDT is confident that “the Emerald District will allow to redefine the cultural and traditional space of the entrepreneurs who are part of the emerald value chain and, in turn, energize the economy within the framework of tourism.”

The International Emerald Museum

For 30 years Alberto Sepúlveda collected different valuable specimens of emeralds, always with the idea in mind of being able to exhibit them to the public and infect visitors with the love for these beautiful green jewels.

Finally, the dream came true in 2008 when on the 23rd floor of the Avianca building, the first skyscraper in Bogotá, I installed the International Emerald Museum. There is also a boutique in the place, so that those who wish can buy jewelry or other types of products with this stone.

It is important to remember that Colombian emeralds are highlighted internationally for their quality and the intensity of their color. The information from the official portal of the country brand, Colombia Travel, states that the country is the world’s leading producer of this precious stone, contributing about 55% of the world total, most of the veins are located in the department of Boyacá.