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Back in 2010 Emerald Research Group was established by the Emerald X Investment Corporation whose website was successfully active for many years in the Colombian emerald market.

The Emerald Research Group founded a price list project that laid the foundation for a report for emeralds globally.

The reports were not made public until 2016 whose data has remained constant once a month, 12 reports per year.

The report has valuable information on the competitiveness of prices in the diverse and multifaceted world of emeralds based on data and information from various companies such as Fedesmeraldas, Asocoesmeral, Acodes and the ANM in Colombia, more information from Brazil, Zambia, and the rest of the countries and conglomerates participate in this industry together with various public and private corporations whose reports on production, export, prices and market analysis help establish the trend on the appreciation of emeralds.

Emerald Report will provide detailed market analysis, news and price tracking through information provided by a team of emerald industry professionals who provide global price data along with transaction volumes.

Every month on the 9th, at 6:30pm Emerald Report publishes the price list along with news and analysis on the information that can affect the market related to production, export, inventory and transaction volumes and prices that help investors and traders to maintain a record and stable data on the fluctuations of the industry on a global scale.

By providing annual market statistics the Emerald Report can potentially impact your business in the emerald industry through price movement and market analysis that goes back to the price list provided now by the Emerald Report since 2010 that can determine the strategy and dynamics of the emerald market on an international scale.

Currently, the Corporation Emerald Trade Inc has the permits for its distribution, marketing and sale.

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Luxury jewelry is much more than brilliant ornaments; it is a testimony of exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, but above all, a constantly evolving cultural narrative, with deep meanings for humanity. Since